Creating Vibrant City Environments for a Thriving State Economy

I recently sat on a panel at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Annual Conference.  The topic was Creating Vibrant City Environments for a Thriving State Economy.  I opened with the following.

The truth is that we are seeing a decline in blue collar jobs.  The gap between the high wage of the creative class and the lower wage of the service class is growing every quarter.  Furthermore, because creatives are not dependent on physical buildings the way the service/manufacturing class is they are starting to become more geographically concentrated.  Flocking towards cities that offer a wide variety of diversity and density of talent.

The only way we can combat this is to increase the number of people working in the creative class.  It is fundamental to understand that every human is born creative.  Until we start utilizing and developing the full creative potential in each of us we can’t truly grow and develop our economy to it’s full capacity.

The future of economic development demands that we invest in people.  We have to step outside our communities and look to develop humanity itself in order to unlock our futures.

There were a list of 25 questions that we took time answering.  I would like to turn those questions into a small series.  Where I will list the question and provide my response in hope that you will build on it and give your opinion.