Thoughts on “What Matters Now?”

Several people pointed me to What Matters Now? (Download the PDF e-book version) arranged by Seth Godin.  I glanced over it and thought it looked interesting, but didn’t have time to read it.  I got around to analyzing it last night.  It is short, but longer than most people can easily digest like a blog post.  I have done a few things to help out.

  1. I created a list of all books cited in the document as a list called What Matters Now on good reads.  If you are on Good Reads it makes it easy to add them to your reading list.  If you aren’t on Good Reads you should be.  I am sure I missed some (and some were not in Good Reads as they are yet to be published).  Please help add what I missed.
  2. I created an What Matters Now RSS feed of all the authors blogs that were listed using Yahoo Pipes.  I am sure I missed some and probably have broken Yahoo as I have never used it before.  Help me get it right.
  3. I created a summary of quotes I really liked from the material.  I encourage reading the whole thing, but consider this a teaser that will motivate you to find the time to read the entire work.

“If you make a difference people will gravitate towards you.
“The more you give, the more you get.”

“Creating ways for people to solve their own problems isn’t an opportunity.  It is an obligation”

“The best way to get approval is to not need it.”
“Merit can be bought.  Passion can’t.”

“You are only as rich as the enrichment you bring to the world around you.”

“Be honest, be authentic, and speak from your passion. Yes, it means taking a risk. But the results might surprise you.”

Wow. The whole essay was just, wow.

“The beautiful thing about being on a team is that, believe it or not, lots of people love doing the things you hate. And hate doing the things you love.”

“After a decade of truly spectacular underachievement, what we need now is less management and more freedom – fewer individual automatons and more autonomous individuals.”

Everything here is awesome.  “Know When To Hold Them, Know When To Fold Them

“FOCUSED INTENSITY over TIME multiplied by GOD equals Unstoppable Momentum.”

“Power comes from an ability to build your reputation, create efficient and effective networks of social relations, act and speak in ways that build influence, and from an ability to create and employ resources—things that others want and need.”

“In the true sense of karma, to achieve harmony, you must always do the right thing with no eye on a reward.”

“The future belongs to people who can spread ideas.”

“Make compassion a core business value.”

“Storytelling is powerful. It helps us understand, make choices and can inspire us.”

“It is time for us to rationalize the debate. Let’s parse the data and free the facts.”

“It’s time we listen to children and allow neoteny to guide us beyond the rigid frameworks and dogma created by adults.”

“Empowerment is the best prevention.”

All awesome stuff.  No surprise it’s a theme that keeps coming up around Gangplank.

“Never forget, a small group of people can change the world.”

“Information in context makes smart systems smarter.” I still have a start-up idea around this concept. #someday

“You grow (and thrive!) by doing what excites you and what scares you everyday, not by trying to find your passion.”

“Confidence is rocket fuel for your business life.”

“Winning businesses have a common trait, an obvious and divisive point of view.”

“Getting things done is not the same as making things happen.”

Iterative Capital
“Iteration is the medium for innovation.” Maybe agile is popular for a reason?

Social Skills
“What’s important is to be kind, and be gracious and do it in ways that make people want to do that for someone else.”

I’m Sorry
“Mistakes happen. How you apologize matters. Don’t bullshit people – just say “I’m sorry.” And mean it.”

“There is no such thing as boring knowledge. There is only boring presentation.”

You Can’t
“More People Will Tell You Can’t Than You Can. Don’t Listen. Anything’s Possible.”

“Declare war on passivity. Hush the inner voice that insists you’re over the hill, past your prime, unworthy of attaining those dreams. Disbelief is now the enemy, as is the notion of settling. Get hungry — hyena hungry. Get fired up. Find your backbone, and your wings.”